Our Story

The Touch story began back in February 2017 when the brand was established by our founder and designer.  From T shirts to accessories, the brand has since developed to tracksuits and individual pieces with the signature finger print.


Our Founder

Zak is a young, entrepreneurial man with a passion for the fashion industry.  Although not trained in the fashion world, Zak felt this encouraged a realistic eye for what is missing.  After a trip to Thailand, he was inspired to throw this vision into design work and took pen to paper.

As a man with a busy social life, he wanted to create clothing that is stylish, different and above all unique.  Pondering what channelled the idea behind his pieces, he considered what made us as people individual? What made us unique? Our fingerprint.  That moment the brand identity was born and so Touch was founded.


“Looking around at how unique each individual is, I’ve always been into fashion and I’ve always tried to be different from others.  I’ll either be completely out there or just work some different accessorising on a standard Tee.  I think you have to be bold sometimes and then you find the rest try and follow! We all have the struggle when we go shopping trying to find that perfect piece that makes you stand out from the rest and I am working to design that for others”. 


Our Brand

Touch is unique and that’s what has made us so successful.  The brand is simple, quirky and cool producing high quality pieces for men that women can also wear.

Each piece is individually designed, reworked and worn to ensure the look, feel and quality is the highest.  Touch clothing is for those who need something out of the ordinary, something to feel different.

We work to touch people around the world through fashion and leave our fingerprint on the industry.

Thank you for your continuous support.